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“Let’s Do Lunch” 2008

I love monsters.  I just do.  The ones that steal your socks.  Your homework.  Your keys.  I made a series for a Halloween show that were inspired by the monsters I know are… Continue reading

Ode to Seuss Hat 2008

  I love using all kinds of materials and nothing is sacred.  I found a snootful of that expensive weird yarn at the Dollar Tree and thought “I must do something with this!”… Continue reading

Metal Trees, 2009

This piece is one of my favorites.  I painted it while locally we were trying to stop a tire reclamation plant from going in down the road from a couple of our schools.… Continue reading

Squid Reader 2013

Another “take me to your READER” piece of reading propaganda that I used in my classroom this last year.  It’s on recycled cardboard and it was designed to go above a doorway. Squid… Continue reading

Map of your life – 2013

vfa I made this piece when I found an old map in the mail and had some epoxy sealer that I just needed to figure out how it worked.  I made an mdf… Continue reading

Gear Box 2008

    I painted a series of art based on my love of things abstract and unknown.  I suppose I sort of have a black box kind of fascination.  I painted a pair… Continue reading

Coffee Zombie Sign Post 2008

I created this 6 feet tall sign out of recycled kayak box which is 3 inches thick honeycombed cardboard cells which I cut with a serrated bread knife and then used kraft paper… Continue reading

Coffee Zombie Art 2008

In 2008, I made the great pilgrimage to Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada.  As part of a camp called the Coffee Zombies, we gifted about 30-40 gallons of fresh coffee to… Continue reading

1 Fish, 2 Fish – Check out my blue fish…

I was teaching a 5th grade science unit on salmon and got a bee in my bonnet and created a couple fish for fun.  I used cardboard for the base, took some caulking… Continue reading

Book art 2013

Art should be silly.  Art should be fun.  Art should somehow involve reading… because I love it!  These were created to snaz up a local elementary library and are created on big 2’x3′… Continue reading