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Bath for 4 Boys, 2002


Here, 2002

  A piece of functional art a la Mary Englebrieght…wonder what that woman is up to these days, never see her stuff anymore…whatever.  Anyway, this was a kitchen chair re-do for a client… Continue reading

More cowbell! 2003

In 2003 I painted this cheeky monkey with – you guessed it, more cowbell, in a client’s kitchen.  This picture was before I added the shadow but, he was kinda cute and now… Continue reading

Community sponsored mural for county child abuse center, 2003

During my 2 year tenure as the Columbia Arts Guild president in St. Helens, Oregon, I organized many community art opportunities and projects.  This is one of those projects.  Local artists of all… Continue reading

Caribbean Tan & Stuff murals, 2003

  During the early years of my painting career I did commercial murals for local businesses.  This project was for Tan & Stuff Salon in St. Helens, Oregon, where there actually is never… Continue reading

Italian Pantry, 2003

Commissioned work for a client who wanted to disguise her sliding pantry doors.  Tricky work with the two doors not being completely flat but instead one in front of the other.  The deal… Continue reading

Princess Yoder chair, 2002

  This was commissioned by a journalist friend, Christy Cabbalero,  for her 4 yr old granddaughter.  The Mary Englebreight look was in full-force at the time and everyone wanted it and for a… Continue reading

Brenda’s Painted Rug, 2002

  I was commissioned to paint a bedroom floor by our favorite librarian friend, Brenda.  I painted the squares first after creating the grid by hand – everything must be absolutely square! –… Continue reading

Children’s Closet, 2002

I was just starting out with my painting work and did these windows for a local re-sale business.  I really liked my cartoony style and the lettering did come out swell.  Painting on… Continue reading

T-Rex Desk, 2004