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A few more Curious George’s

I had so much fun creating the illustrations for my friend, Thom’s short story, “Curious George Learns To Meditate” in 2008.  We did a First Thursday show in Portland, Oregon together with surrealist,… Continue reading

“To the Moon!” 2008

I collaborated with a Portland author and created a series of work to illustrate his short story (with a grown-up bent) “Curious George Learns to Meditate” which we shared at the Show &… Continue reading

“Flowers For Frank”, 2011

This is a blockprint inspired by my love of stained-glass design and Art Deco style illustration.  It would be fab if I could figure out how to color it… Actually, I know how… Continue reading

“Here Fido” linocut, 2008

  I created this little blockprint inspired by my neighbor’s son.  I swear he was a beastly little kid.  I originally meant this as a tongue-in-cheek piece at the time I carved it… Continue reading

“Here Kitty, Kitty”, Linocut 2008

  My wonderful friend, Miss Anne, is a retired mid-wife who has probably, in her 72 years, delivered more than 6,000 babies, yet manages to still looks great and retain her child-like curiosity… Continue reading

Another good, little fella…

A blockprint I created using linoleum to make one more piece in my series of Edward Gorey-inspired children.  This was included in my Halloween Show at the Columbia Gallery, St. Helens, Oregon, in… Continue reading

Old Blocks

What do I do with all these old lino blocks?  …Right now they are in a box waiting for inspiration to strike. The Monkey Mind block is from a collaboration I did for… Continue reading

“Lucy” linocut

This is another in my series of Lovely Little Children. It is based on my daughter, Lucy, and it captures her quite nicely!  I was looking to make something simple and graphic that… Continue reading

“Cannery Row” Astoria Coast Fisheries

This blockprint was inspired from all my walking around waiting for my husband’s boat, F/V Pacific Pursuit, to come into dock at the Astoria Fish Holdings cannery who he commercially fishes for.  Sardines.… Continue reading

“Jack”, just Jack.

 There is this lovely moment just before something happens… This is part of my Halloween 2008 linocut series “What Lovely Little Children”.  I love the irony when you are struck by how cute… Continue reading