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Taking a pottery class for first time, Summer 2013

I have dabbled in clay but without a kiln it’s kinda not the same.  This summer I decided to just suck it up and take a pottery class to understand the innerworkings of… Continue reading

Wearable smarts… 2012

  I swear I need to get out more.  I got this great idea for making brain buckets for my students to  wear when they were being super smart at something… in my… Continue reading

Bombed brain zen, 2013

I have been messing about with doodling in the zentangle style lately and this is one that well, got away from me.  I looked at a real brain picture to get the details… Continue reading

Heart 2, 2012

I made this out of big cardboard and some (well, buttloads) of rolled magazine pages for the wings.  It was created from stuff I was just going to throw out til I went,… Continue reading

Heart, 2009

I took an introductory speech class my first quarter back to college.  One final assignment was to write a speech describing how to do something – explain a process.  So I chose to… Continue reading

Zentangle Heart

        Here is another recent drawing I did based on the zentangle style of drawing with pen and ink or, in other words, spend a few hours filling in stuff/shapes… Continue reading

Giant Squid Zentangle doodle

  Recently I found some interesting doodles on Pinterest that inspired me to try my hand at the zen-concept of just being one with the paper and playing with pattern and design, also… Continue reading

President, Columbia Arts Guild 2004-2006

During my 2 year stint as the president of the Columbia Arts Guild in St. Helens, Oregon, I structured our monthly meetings to focus on learning new art skills or inviting one of… Continue reading