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Saturday Art Adventures, 2009

      Every Saturday from 10-12:30 I would invite students in to have a little art adventure with me and make cool things such as some of the neat things hanging on… Continue reading

PeeWee Picassos, 2009

This is a shot of a few of my PeeWee Picasso students in my old studio at the The Old School.  Easel painting is one of their favorite things to do and cleaning… Continue reading

Salmon bulletin board, 2011

A little diagram never hurt nobody… except that the pictures are of my students as they are dissecting fingerlings which may have been a bit uncomfortable for the fish! I made the fish… Continue reading

Arts & Eats Festival, 2008

I organized a bunch of lovely volunteers to help me create some fun festival decorations for the first ever Arts & Eats festival in Old Town St. Helens, Oregon.  As you can see… Continue reading

Lewis & Clark School Mural, 2003

In 2003 I organized and directed the painting of this huge collaborative mural depicting the journey of Lewis and Clark for a local elementary, aptly name Lewis and Clark Elementary in St. Helens,… Continue reading

Community sponsored mural for county child abuse center, 2003

During my 2 year tenure as the Columbia Arts Guild president in St. Helens, Oregon, I organized many community art opportunities and projects.  This is one of those projects.  Local artists of all… Continue reading

Funky Line Design

I taught my 5th graders a drawing lesson that anyone could do.  The point was to get them to stop thinking that because they couldn’t draw a dog to look exactly like a… Continue reading

Lions and Tigers and Bears…and Sharks!

I student taught 5th grade for a year and one of the things I implemented was a new classroom management system that worked on the premise of team work and peer pressure –… Continue reading

Dirty Deeds At The Depot production work, 2013

This is just a brief overview of some of the steps I employed to get the stage design and set work accomplished for the Summer Melodrama, “Dirty Deeds At The Depot”, this last… Continue reading

Recycled Doors as front desk

A not-the-greatest picture of me, but it does show the front desk of my studio in Old Town St. Helens  which is made entirely of recycled wood doors. My working studio was open… Continue reading