Wearable smarts… 2012

Brains.  Real, juicy brains.

Brains. Real, juicy brains.


I swear I need to get out more.  I got this great idea for making brain buckets for my students to  wear when they were being super smart at something… in my class this makes total sense.  Anyways, I got some crazy notion to wrap newspaper around some willing victims…my own children and their friends, and then use expandable foam in the can to create a brainy texture pattern.  I let them sit for about 20 minutes with the brains on their heads and then when they were fairly dry I pulled them off and the next morning  I painted them with acrylic paint.

The only oops (but it was a big oops) was that the foam SHRINKS as it dries so by the time they was ready for showtime they could only fit on a kindergartner’s head!  Yuck!  Kinders are blechy!

So, sadly, I ended using them as bowls for prize stuff in my class.  Total bummer.  Note:   I will try this again but taking this research into account on my next attempt so I can actually have brains while I wear my brains!.