Lofted Lair Gallery sign, 2004

This was my first sign commission and I had to go through the process of learning just what what kind of materials and techniques would give me a sturdy, long lasting sign.  I had never painted on metal and I hadn’t really considered the importance of much larger lettering…

but experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted, right?

The killer diller of this project was the that it had to be identical from BOTH sides as it was going to be hung from a large scrolled bracket that made it visible from both sides – yikes.  Plus, it wasn’t flat and it kept shifting on me, and it weighed a ton!

The great thing about this work was it basically spurred the rest of the Old Town St. Helens area businesses to contact me to do signwork for them!  It was awesome…after a couple years, I kinda had a walking tour portfolio!

Portfolio mural artwork etc 027 Portfolio mural artwork etc 054 Portfolio mural artwork etc 063 Portfolio mural artwork etc 064