Heart, 2009

"Speak From The Heart" linocut, M. Gilbertsen 2009

“Speak From The Heart” linocut, M. Gilbertsen 2009

I took an introductory speech class my first quarter back to college.  One final assignment was to write a speech describing how to do something – explain a process.  So I chose to describe how to blockprint an image in one color.  This is the final print that I created and used to show how each step was done.  At the end of the speech I gave everyone in the class a print as a reminder of the horrible times we had learning how to well, speak from the heart, as our instructor kept reminding us to do.  Swear this was probably the hardest class I ever took.  Yes, even over Math 221 with Mr. Swee.  And that man is the DE-vil.