Funky Line Design

5th grade art lesson on Funky Line Design

5th grade art lesson on Funky Line Design

I taught my 5th graders a drawing lesson that anyone could do.  The point was to get them to stop thinking that because they couldn’t draw a dog to look exactly like a dog that they weren’t artists.  At this age that is my largest stumbling block to creativity with pre-teen students.  It was imperative that I get them to see that

freedom within limits can help you create great art.

I wrote the instructions on the bulletin board for you to see (and try!) and so that the viewers and other students could see for themselves the process we took to get where we did.  It also encourages other students who didn’t have this class to try it themselves.  Really, if I get you to do it at home…I WIN!

The next bit with the coloring was more about learning about value – the fact that yes, red is one color, but that within that one color lies a huge array of values in it that can be used to make stuff look…wait for it…3D!  Simply color  in the direction of the arc (each shape was either arcing down or up) and then use a dark value in the corners and use gradually lighter values as you reached the middle of each arc.  Go look – you’ll see what I mean.

Personally it was a fun project and the kids really felt impressed with themselves and with the other student’s work since

we all started with the same set of directions but all got something different as a final product!

This is key!  Art is unique.  Craft, not.  If it’s the same as your neighbor you are not doing art.  That’s okay sometimes when you are learning a process – turkey art has it’s place.  But real art is unknown!  You never know where you are going to end up – that’s what’s great about it!

Side note:  This project would have been better in retrospect, if I had used paper 1/2 the size so that they would have finished in the limited amount of time we had.  Perseverance is a skill that is learned in art making but it needs to be nurtured.  Most students are not used to having to put off instant gratification – it needs to be taught in increments.  Just saying.