Old Blocks

Old blocks of past carving work.

Old blocks of past carving work.

What do I do with all these old lino blocks?  …Right now they are in a box waiting for inspiration to strike.

The Monkey Mind block is from a collaboration I did for a First Thursday show with Portland author, Thom Logan, several years ago.  Thom penned a most hilarious (and definitely not for children) version of H.A. Reyes’ Curious George book, titled “Curious George Learns To Meditate”.  If I can find the story and get his permission I will share it on a future post.  It centers around George having an issue with ADD and how it makes trouble for his life.  As I am similarly inclined I find myself often trying to train MY monkey mind!   Perhaps his book was more of a self-help?!

I created 20 separate blocks to go along with his story and we presented it at the Show And Tell Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  Lots of fun and yet extremely stressful as I literally finished printing stuff the night before and then slipped it into it’s frames/cellophane wrappers barely dry an hour before the opening!