Map of your life – 2013


I made this piece when I found an old map in the mail and had some epoxy sealer that I just needed to figure out how it worked.  I made an mdf 2 inch cradle board box and collaged the map on then epoxied it (woah, messy stuff) and then sharpied the lettering on.  It was supposed to look messy and a bit rough.  It will be something I will hang in my middle or high school classroom whenever someone retires… gah.

"Map of your life", Mixed media, M. Gilbertsen 2013

“Map of your life”, Mixed media, M. Gilbertsen 2013

I made this just thinking that nothing in life is set in stone and life can lead you all over the place… this can be a GOOD thing or this can be a BAD thing.  It just depends on your attitude and well,

Attitude is everything.