“Here Fido” linocut, 2008

"Here Fido", M. Gilbertsen, unsigned artist proof - linocut, 2008

“Here Fido”, M. Gilbertsen, unsigned artist proof – linocut, 2008


I created this little blockprint inspired by my neighbor’s son.  I swear he was a beastly little kid.  I originally meant this as a tongue-in-cheek piece at the time I carved it but now, I’m thinking it’s a bit creepy how I wouldn’t put it past the fella to have tried something so dastardly.  Well, is it that bit that children without society’s influences revert to their true natures?  Was that what William Golding was trying to get at?

It would have helped if I hadn’t had to remove the lettering on the dog’s dish… I inadvertently carved them backwards – ooops!

This was the last in my Halloween series that was inspired by the great and late, Edward Gorey, mid-century illustrator, who had an uncanny talent for focusing on the bizarre and menacing side of life.