Compass Rose Floor Mural

Compass Rose, acrylic on cement for "The Importer" business in St. Helens, OR 2009

Compass Rose, acrylic on cement for “The Importer” business in St. Helens, OR 2009

  Forever and a day ago I painted this piece in a local St. Helens, Oregon Asian antiques and home furnishings business.  It was a great chance to learn how to paint on concrete – successfully.  (Always want that when someone is paying you money…)

So, first I spent some time reading up on the process online and in the DIY aisle at the local Home Despot where most of the materials can be found.  The prep was a bit involved with nasty etching chemicals and potential fume issues with the art gallery/coffee shop next door, as well as what to finally seal it with.  I was advised to use oil sealer over the acrylic paint and that must be the trick because it was tough as nails and was still in great condition despite heavy traffic years later.   

This particular work garnered me several more commission jobs with neighboring businesses but I did have to put my foot down about not being interested in painting a plethora of identical compass roses all over the place.  Perhaps this was the beginning of deciding I may not always be interested in being a paintbrush for hire.  Hmmm.