Happy Accident x2 Dragon

When I student-taught at a local elementary I was dismayed by how blah it was.  When I chanced upon some lovely and HUGE cardboard that the custodian was going to throw away after unpacking new white boards I begged them to let me take it home!    They did think I was nuts, but whatevs!

Anywho, dragons were a really popular theme in many of the 5th grade books my students were reading so I thought why not make a massive 3D one for our library to get my less-enthusiastic readers hot for spending some time in what they lovingly called the book penitentiary?

My recycled dragon resides in a local elementary school library.

My recycled dragon resides in a local elementary school library.

This original dragon design I came up with started out by accident – when I dropped an old book and the book pages went everywhere but I couldn’t bring myself to throw them in the trash.  So I decided to collage his entire body with book pages and then just lightly wash color over him so you could still see the print.   (It might not be visible in the photo but the kids really dug his secret skin.)

OKAY:  I always, ALWAYS, tell my students NEVER tell someone when you make a mistake in art because 99% of the time the viewer has no clue but, on this occasion I thought it might be interesting to demonstrate how another happy accident actually made this dragon sculpture better.  

I guess I was not paying attention to which side of the cardboard I was supposed to be messing with while I was collaging and painting and after painting 6 or 7 layers I still hadn’t realized something kinda important:  I had done the tail end upside down and on the WRONG side!  When I got my dragon to the school library to hang him up I went “Oh no!”  because the tail pieces wouldn’t line up at all!

But then my spidey senses began to tingle (art people understand this) and I quickly decided to create a large paper cloud to lay in front of the oops and just hang it as planned.  I also created a few more random clouds around the library and it ended up looking much more impressive and well-thought out than if I had just stuck him up ala mode.  So!  Art ed does teach valuable problem solving and saves on potential nervous breakdown therapy costs!  Bring back art ed!