“Cannery Row” Astoria Coast Fisheries

"Cannery Row" Astoria Fish Holdings, M. Gilbertsen, Linocut 2010 Unsigned artist proof

“Cannery Row” Astoria Fish Holdings, M. Gilbertsen, Linocut 2008 Unsigned artist proof

This blockprint was inspired from all my walking around waiting for my husband’s boat, F/V Pacific Pursuit, to come into dock at the Astoria Fish Holdings cannery who he commercially fishes for.  Sardines.  Yech.

Anyway the cannery guys were sorting fish from another boat on the sorting dock and I liked the composition of angles and so I tried to hash it out in linoleum.  This is actually my first attempt at carving – ever.  It was so hypnotic, the carving, leaving the lines or subtracting the spaces, not being able to fix something if I screwed up…  Took apx 4 hours more or less, but it didn’t feel like it at all, though my hand was like a claw for the rest of the day!