“Hall Tree” M. Gilbertsen, Recycled Door 2011

I love old doors!

I love old doors!


I love, love old wooden, paneled doors.

There is something so solid about their weight and how they slam with a satisfying thud that hollow-core does not even remotely emulate.

People discard these things all the time in the name of progress and I snatch them up every chance I get.  I think I find the history associated with the doors part of what completely intrigues me.  The mystery and the knowledge that many, many hands have touched this piece and passed through it’s portal.

I refuse to see this wooden door as lacking  usefulness.  It just needed a new set of eyes to see it’s potential.  I take them, paint them, attach some hooks and then with my husband’s help, attach a hanging system that allows the door to float an inch off the wall (not off the floor, well, unless that’s where you hang it!).  This one sold to a friend and is a cool way to creatively catch hats and coats in a very tiny front hall.  I really love the stained-glass style tree design.  I used oils and the depth of the colors doesn’t show but it was delicious.