Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Taking a pottery class for first time, Summer 2013

I have dabbled in clay but without a kiln it’s kinda not the same.  This summer I decided to just suck it up and take a pottery class to understand the innerworkings of… Continue reading

Wearable smarts… 2012

  I swear I need to get out more.  I got this great idea for making brain buckets for my students to  wear when they were being super smart at something… in my… Continue reading

Bombed brain zen, 2013

I have been messing about with doodling in the zentangle style lately and this is one that well, got away from me.  I looked at a real brain picture to get the details… Continue reading

Saturday Art Adventures, 2009

      Every Saturday from 10-12:30 I would invite students in to have a little art adventure with me and make cool things such as some of the neat things hanging on… Continue reading

PeeWee Picassos, 2009

This is a shot of a few of my PeeWee Picasso students in my old studio at the The Old School.  Easel painting is one of their favorite things to do and cleaning… Continue reading

Salmon bulletin board, 2011

A little diagram never hurt nobody… except that the pictures are of my students as they are dissecting fingerlings which may have been a bit uncomfortable for the fish! I made the fish… Continue reading

Arts & Eats Festival, 2008

I organized a bunch of lovely volunteers to help me create some fun festival decorations for the first ever Arts & Eats festival in Old Town St. Helens, Oregon.  As you can see… Continue reading

Bath for 4 Boys, 2002

Heart 2, 2012

I made this out of big cardboard and some (well, buttloads) of rolled magazine pages for the wings.  It was created from stuff I was just going to throw out til I went,… Continue reading

Lewis & Clark School Mural, 2003

In 2003 I organized and directed the painting of this huge collaborative mural depicting the journey of Lewis and Clark for a local elementary, aptly name Lewis and Clark Elementary in St. Helens,… Continue reading